The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Los Angeles CA

The Best Neighborhoods To Live In Los Angeles CA

Living in the city of Los Angeles CA can be a dream come true for most people, but finding the perfect living space in LA can be quite an intimidating task to complete. With home prices going through the roof, you might be having a hard time looking for a place that ticks all of the boxes. Finding a good neighborhood with a large selection of amenities, abundant green spaces and recreational opportunities along with close proximity to Downtown LA can be a tricky gem to find – but not impossible. We have gathered the best LA neighborhoods for you to consider, hopefully one will be called home by you soon. Welcome to Los Angeles!


If you want to live in a neighborhood with an abundance of dining options to choose from – and all of them being authentic and exquisite – Glendale offers some of the best food scenes in the entire city. Even though most old businesses have been replaced with new ones, Glendale strives to keep its authenticity and the unique atmosphere it provides its residents and visitors alike – and is doing a very good job at it as well. Glendale has received a lot of sudden growth due to the Americana Center that calls it home – and this place truly has everything for everyone. The entire neighborhood is considered to be vibrant and offers quite a lively community – while avoiding the city hustle and bustle. If you are looking for convenient access to the heart of the city while still residing in a neighborhood that is secluded enough to almost be peaceful – Glendale can offer you the perfect combination.

The Hollywoods

Hollywood is where dreams come true, right? As cliché as it sounds, Hollywood is actually so much more than most people imagine it to be. Offering opportunities left and right, you will always feel like you are surrounded with unique personalities when living in the lively neighborhood of Hollywood. Your dreams don’t get closer than residing right here in the heart of it all. How many people were discovered just strolling the streets during their day to day? If this is something that interests you – it really doesn’t get better than Hollywood. While West Hollywood is more geared towards nightlife, young professionals and entertainment, East Hollywood is calmer and family-oriented. This puts Hollywood somewhere in between – a healthy mix of work and play. The dining scene is simply out of this world, and let’s not even start on the entertainment. Living the dream means living in Hollywood.

Echo Park

If you need easy and convenient access to anywhere your heart desired, you will love the hipster-ish neighborhood of Echo Park. Nestled just southeast of Silver Lake, this community knows how to have fun and relax at the same time. Dining and entertainment opportunities galore, you won’t have trouble finding a new place to spend your day – every single day. Echo Park is also the home of some of the best craft beer, exquisite food and a very competitive coffee scene – which means that you will easily get a quality buzz every single morning. Echo Park is a hidden gem bursting with potential, holding annual events, and being home to some of the most unique bakeries, eateries, bars and cafés.

Beverly Hills

Everyone has thought about living in Beverly Hills at least once in their lives, no matter how cliché that might sound. If you haven’t been to Beverly Hills yet, realistically saying, it’s exactly as you have pictured it to be and even more. There is a reason some of the most influential people choose to reside here, and having your everyday life spiced up with the unique atmosphere Beverly Hills boasts can truly be a dream come true. Everything here is exquisite, authentic and very upscale – just as you thought it would be. If you have the funds to move to a neighborhood such as the magnificent Beverly Hills – you should know that there is no other place like it.


Downtown LA is a classic. Since 1999, the Downtown District of Los Angeles has received immaculate growth in the blink of an eye – that is one of the liveliest neighborhoods in the entire state today. No matter where you go or at what time, you are bound to find people going out and about getting something done. If you love art, history and entertainment – there is no place to experience these things like Downtown LA. Even when looking for some day-to-day fun, there are a lot of cute cafés, restaurants and wineries for you to visit and enjoy! You will love spending your days and nights right here without wanting to ever leave – as everything will truly be at the tip of your fingers. An explosion of culture, entertainment and art – Downtown LA will welcome you with open arms.

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