Packing Guides And Tips

Packing Guides And Tips

There are a lot of things you need to get done before your move, and these things can add up very quickly. One of the worst parts of moving for almost everyone is having to take their entire household worth of belongings and place them into boxes. This is the process that takes the most time and effort, which is why most people are looking to make it as easy as possible. With some of our packing tips, you can simplify the entire process on your behalf and turn it into a simple process during which you won’t need to stress as much. Preparing your valuables for their upcoming trip is a vital step for your move – which is why we have constructed a list of tips for you to follow and make the process much easier on your end.

1.      Find movers

Before you start packing your belongings or taking any packing actions – consider finding movers to help your move. You need to find movers at least a month before your moving day, so taking your time with this process and finding both a licensed and insured moving company is vital to making your move successful. You need to find movers that understand your needs, know how to approach your move, and how to accommodate your move size. You want an easy moving experience. If you are looking for movers in Los Angeles CA that can provide you with everything you could possibly need – consider contacting LA Movers.

2.      Pack in phases

Instead of saving the last week before your move to frantically pack your items, consider giving yourself a lot more time than you think you need and pack for an hour a day. Starting at least 3-4 weeks before your move and packing in phases can be a much less stressful way to tackle the process and make sure it’s handled in the best possible manner. By giving yourself a lot of time – you won’t have to rush to complete it.

3.      Start with your attic, garage, or guest bedroom

When you choose to start with the rooms you don’t use as much, you won’t risk needing items from your boxes before moving day arrives. Start with your garage, guest bedroom or attic – as there are great options to start packing in. Keep your most used rooms such as your bedroom, closet and kitchen unpacked until the last week before your move. (You can partially pack your kitchen before the last week to make it easier as this is where you will have most to work with)

4.      Packing supplies

If you are on a tight budget and are looking for a good deal on packing supplies – you’re in luck. Visit recycling drop offs or local businesses to find free boxes – or find boxes for a good deal online! Make sure that they are in good shape as you don’t want them to fall apart in the middle of your move.

5.      Packing alternatives

Instead of purchasing way too many boxes for your upcoming move, consider using some alternatives that you can already find around your home! Laundry baskets, suitcases, bags, backpacks and similar items can be used instead of the good old boxes! Kill two birds with one stone and pack smart while saving a pretty penny during the process.

6.      Padding alternatives

Instead of buying bubble wrap, packing peanuts and similar items to place as cushioning between your fragile items – use items that you already have around your home and need to pack anyways! Old newspaper, blankets, sheets, pillows and similar items can be used to fill up your boxes and keep your items from shifting inside.

7.      Inventory

An inventory or list of items is an extremely important component of your upcoming move. You will want to keep track of your belongings during the entire process of packing and moving, and by providing your movers with a copy of your list of items can ensure a much more efficient moving service on their behalf as well. This will reduce the risk of your items being forgotten during your move.

8.      Expert Labeling

Labeling can save the day. Label your boxes by color or number and write down the contents of your boxes on each to know exactly where your items are once you settle into your new home. This will help your movers settle your boxes into your new home more efficiently, and help you out with the unpacking process as you will know exactly where to start!

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